Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Start a Parent University

About Parent University

Parent University is designed to increase your K12 school parent’s participation by 100 percent. You can find out what your parents want to know and offer it to them in a workshop or open discussion. When you have active parents you are increasing each child's potential for academic success.  Do you have parent meeting and your participation is not what you expected. Parent University is a new way to get your parent to thinking about their child's future. In addition to the Parent University workshops the parents can benefit from receiving copies of Dr. Jones' books the Seven Secrets of How to Study, the Parents Ultimate Education Guide and the Ultimate Scholarship Guide. Start your program today. 

How to Start Your Own Parent University

1. Designate a person on staff to manage the implementation of the program. This person will also register the people who attend the seminar.
2. Form a small group of parents who will help to establish the Parent University. They will serve as your advocates and contact other parents.
3. If you have room in your school or school district establish a parent University resource center. You have flexibility to decide what you want to put into the center. Having computer access in the center may attract some parents.
4. Survey parents regarding the topics that they would like to hear. Then compile a list of topics that the parent suggest and offer workshops.
5. At the end of workshops have a short survey to determine how parents are benefiting from the workshop and other topics that they suggest.
6. You can purchase the Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide and have a chapter by chapter discussion about the topics in the book with your school’s parents. Some school Districts purchase all three of my books to attract parents. The other two are the Seven Secrets of How to Study and the Ultimate scholarship Guide at (Title I supplemental Resource Books).
7. Offer seminars during the evening on a day of the week and others on Saturday.
8. Send out postcards to parents with all of the dates and topics,
9. Announce parent University on the radio and on internal and external television programs.
10. Here is a link to a television interview about the Parent University program about

Top 10 Reasons Why Starting a Parent University is Beneficial
1. Parents learn the value of reading and math 
2. Parents learn how to get their children ready for college early 
3. Parents get their education questions answered 
4. Patents receive good study skills training for their student 
5. Parents get to identify workshops that they would like to hear 
6. It creates a relationship between the parents, school administrators and 
7. It shows parents how to prepare their children for tests 
8. Parent surveys allow for immediate feedback on workshops 
9. The Parent’s Ultimate Education Guide is a great 
supplemental resource for the parents 
10. It facilitates discussions among the parents who participate 

Sample of Potential Workshop Topics
1.   Seven Secrets of how to Study
2.   How to get over Test Taking Anxiety
3.   Test Taking Techniques that Work
4.   How to Get your Student Ready for College
5.   How to find College Scholarships
6.   Time Management
7.   How to Get Your student Organized
8.   How to motivate your student
9.   How to Communicate with your Teacher
10. How to Study Smart
11. Reading the Key to your students Success
12. How your student can be a Positive Thinker

Consult with Dr. Stephen Jones For More tips on How to Start your Own Parents University at or call 610-842-3843